Rav Kook Torah

Rav Kook on The Sabbath and Holidays

Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaCohen Kook, visiting the religious settlement of Kfar Hittin, around 1925
Every Sabbath, the individual sheds the trappings of secular life. "With the Sabbath, comes rest."

The soul begins to free itself of its heavy shackles. It seeks higher paths, spiritual acquisitions befitting its nature.

Shabbat HaAretz, p. 8
Shabbat — שבת
Sabbath Peace, Inside and Out
The Proper Time to Light
The Sabbath Bride
Shabbat and Water
What is True Success?
Technology and the Sabbath
The Sabbath Influence
Our Response to Illness and Crisis
Rosh Chodesh — ראש חודש
Our Prayers for the New Month
Atonement for the New Moon
Elul and Rosh Hashanah — ראש השנה
Unity and Repentance
Teshuvah for the Generation of Rebirth
The Teshuvah of Rosh Hashana
Personal Judgment
The Call of the Great Shofar
The Dual Call of the Shofar
The Music of Teshuvah
Knowing the Teru'ah-Blast
Awakening the Mind and Heart
The Shofar of Redemption
The Holy King
Blasts That Penetrate the Heart
Yom Kippur — יום הכיפורים
Complete Teshuvah
Eating Before Yom Kippur
The Value of Life
The Bull and the Goat
The Goat for Azazel
The Triple Measure of Incense
"You Know the Mysteries of the Universe"
The Shofar and the Wall
Healing the Universe
Succoth — סוכות
Completing the Days of Awe
The Role of the Lowly Willow
Joy in Drawing Water
Bridging the Natural and the Supernatural
Succah of Peace
Succoth and the Land of Israel
All of Israel in One Sukkah
Our Protective Fortress
The Merit of a Dance
Chanukah — חנוכה
The Hellenist Challenge
Flickering Lights in Dark Times
Richness of Spirit
The Single Light of Chanuka
The Beauty of Yefeth
The Sacred Protects Itself
The Highest Love
Tu B'Shvat — ט"ו בשבט
Two Types of Love for Eretz Yisrael
Planting a Tree in Magdiel
Our Ties to the Land of Israel
Every Creature Utters Its Song
"How Splendid This Tree is!"
Purim — פורים
All For One
Timna and Purim
Wine Enters, Secrets Emerge
Accepting the Torah in the Days of Ahasuerus
The Assault of Amalek
The Influence of Amalek
"Go Gather All the Jews"
Purim in Volozhin
The Joy of Purim
Mystical Scythes and Guardrails
Passover — פסח
Nissan: 'How Splendid This Tree is!'
The Strong Hand and Outstretched Arm
Destroy Chametz, Gain Freedom
The Special Laws of the Korban Pesach
A Fatal Mistake
Who is Free?
Answering the Wise Child
"Because of This"
The Hillel Sandwich
Matzah of Love
Priceless Jewels on Tattered Clothes
Next Year in Jerusalem
Aiming for Greatness
The Birth of a Nation
The Second Seder in Jerusalem
Shir HaShirim – "Song of Songs"
"Song of Songs"
Holocaust Remembrance Day — יום השואה
Nations Who Forget God
Israel Independence Day — יום העצמאות
Rav Kook and Zionism
The Significance of the Day
"Who are you, Great Mountain?"
Fluctuations in Redemption
Redeeming the Land
The Balfour Declaration
Rav Tzvi Yehudah Kook and Yom HaAtzma'ut
Children of Zion
Mizmor 19 of the State of Israel
Lag Ba'Omer — ל"ג בעומר
Elevated Souls
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai Returns
The Torah of Rashbi
Jerusalem Day — יום ירושלים
The City of One Gate
Windows to World Peace
Rav Kook Arrives in Jaffa
The Kotel Affair
The Two Messengers
Zion and Jerusalem
The Kotel - Stones with Hearts
Returning to the Kotel
Longing for Jerusalem
Shavuot — שבועות
Seeing Sound
The King's Torah Scroll
Revealing Our Inner Essence
The Date of Matan Torah
Accepting Two Torahs
The Lesson of Mount Sinai
A Pure Revelation
Like an Apple Tree
Coercion at Sinai
Connecting to Torah Study
7 Tips for Success in Torah Study
Tisha Be'Av and the Three Weeks — תשעה באב
Teachers Armed with Spiritual Might
Rebuilding the World with Love
The Three Watches of the Night
The Wall of Iron
The Poel Mizrachi Kitchen
Seeing Jerusalem in its Joy
Anticipating Redemption
The Beauty of the Universe
The Call for Sacred Splendor
Rebuilding the Temple
The Healthy Suspicion of Hillel
The Peace of Torah Scholars
The Holiness of the Ark and the Synagogue
Why does the Earth Shake?
Orot HaTorah - The Lights of Torah