Rav Kook Torah

Rav Kook on Tefilah (Prayer)

Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook
The Perpetual Prayer of the Soul
We can only pray the way prayer is supposed to be when we recognize that in fact the soul is always praying.
Without stop, the soul soars and yearns for its Beloved. It is at the time of outward prayer, that the perpetual prayer of the soul reveals itself in the realm of action.
This is prayer's pleasure and joy, its glory and beauty. It is like a rose, opening its elegant petals towards the dew, facing the rays of the sun as they shine over it with the sun's light.
Olat Re'iyah, vol. I, p. 11
On Prayer
Circles and Straight Lines
Rabbi Akiva's Prayer
A Favorable Time for Prayer
Sanctity in Space
Unanswered Prayers
Prayer Out Of The Depths
The True Prayer of the Soul
A Tale of Two Prayers
Praying to God
First Impressions
The Power of Prayer
Free Expression of the Inner Soul
To Pray "in Truth"
"My Times Are in Your Hand"
Prayer and Torah Study
Climbing and Standing
Balancing Prayer and Torah
The Torah of Rashbi
Messengers and Servants
The King's Servant and His Minister
Preparing for Prayer
Dressing for Prayer
Preparing for Prayer
Preparing the Heart to Pray
You Prepare Their Heart
"You Have Cast Me After Your Body"
Awakening Love and Awe
Jacob's Sword and Bow
God's Tefillin
Elisha, the Master of Wings
The Exodus and Tefillin
The Knot of God's Tefillin
The Splendor of Tefillin
Connected to Life
The Daily Prayers
The Three Prayers of the Avot
Three Prayers, Three Goals
Tents and Dwelling Places
Mizmor Shir: Melody and Song
The Two Features of Ashrei
National Redemption and Private Protection
The Shema
The Double Shema
Offering Wine and Grain
Prolonging Echad
Loving God with all Your Soul
Loving God with all Your Might
The Third Passage of Shema
The Amidah
Engaging the Intellect, Heart, and Actions
Prayer at Sunrise
The Proper Dose of Deference
God Raises the Bowed
Guard My Tongue and Lips
Introducing Prayer with Praise
Genuine Zealotry

Tachanun: Crying Without Tears
Aleinu: In Mind and Heart
Minchah: The Afternoon Prayer of Isaac
Ma'ariv: Prayer before Sleep
The Double-Edged Sword of Shema
Sabbath and Holiday Prayers
Shabbat and Water
The Sabbath Bride
Yom Kippur: The Value of Life
Yom Kippur: Attaining Complete Teshuvah