Rav Kook Torah

Rav Kook on Shemot (Exodus)

Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, Chief Rabbi of Jaffa (1904-1914)
The redemption from Egypt and the complete redemption in the future are one continuous act of God's strong hand and outstretched arm.

They began to operate in Egypt, and continue to act in all subsequent events.
Orot, p. 44
Shemot — שְׁמוֹת
Moses Hid His Face
Going To Peace
"I Will Be Who I Will Be"
True Humility
Moses' Mistake
The Leadership of Moses
The Inner Trait of Goodness
Moses' Love for Israel
Va'eira — וָאֵרָא
"Who Brings Forth Bread from the Earth"
"Hamotzi" – For all Times
Priceless Jewels on Tattered Clothes
Order in Miracles
God's Name
Bo — בֹּא
Memories of the Soul
Training for Greatness
Draining Egypt
The Leap of Passover
Two New Years – Nisan and Tishrei
The Special Laws of the Korban Pesach
The Exodus and Tefillin
Freedom and Destruction of Chametz
"Because of This"
The Birth of a Nation
BeShalach — בְּשַׁלַּח
Innate and Acquired Holiness
Listening to the Old ...
The Proper Time to Light
Sanctity in Space
Two Levels of Love
"This is My God"
Song from the Womb
The Test of Marah
The Assault of Amalek
The Influence of Amalek
The Inner Song of the Soul
Yitro — יִתְרוֹ
Blessings on Miracles
Breaking Bread with Scholars
Serving the Community
The Ultimate Value of the Torah
Reward and Punishment
Coercion at Sinai
Seeing Sound
The Lesson of Mount Sinai
A Pure Revelation
Mishpatim — מִשְׁפָּטִים
Following the Majority Opinion
Slavery in the Torah?
Tablets of Stone
Permission for the Doctor to Heal
Trust in God vs. Self-Reliance
Accepting Two Torahs
Legislating Kindness
Revealing Our Inner Essence
Eye for an Eye
Terumah — תְּרוּמָה
Betzalel's Wisdom
The Wall of Iron
Tachash Skins in the Tabernacle
The Tachash and the Erev Rav
"Take for Me an Offering"
Rising Above Ten Handbreadths
"I Will Dwell in Their Midst"
Tetzaveh — תְּצַוֶּה
Clothes for Dignity and Beauty
The High Priest's Clothes and the Convert
Raising a Constant Flame
Beyond the Holy
Moses and the Priestly Garments
The High Priest's Golden Crown
The Holiness of the Temple Mount
Ki Tissa — כִּי תִשָּׂא
All For One
The Recipe for Ketoret (Incense)
When Bad Things Happen to Good People
A Lesson in Leadership
The Knot of God's Tefillin
A Chair with Three Legs
The Copper Washstand
Wisdom for the Wise
Wealthy and Wise
Moses' Extraordinary Prayer
The First and Second Luchot
The Luchot's Miraculous Letters
VaYakheil — וַיַּקְהֵל
Art and Creation
Choosing a Leader
Two Layers of Wisdom
Technology and the Sabbath
Stars in the Tabernacle
The Dual Nature of the Tabernacle
Pikudei — פְקוּדֵי
Always on His Mind