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Rabbi Morrison grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics from Yeshiva University (New York). Pursuing advanced Talmudic studies in Jerusalem, he spent the next seven years studying in Jerusalem yeshivot, including the famed Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav, founded by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook in 1924.

Thank you so much for your effort to bring the light of Rav Kook to the world, and for diligently sharing a little bit each week via email. It has been a meaningful and enjoyable part of my Shabbat preparations for quite some time now.

Hatzlacha with your teaching and learning!

Simcha (Atlanta, Georgia)

Rabbi Chanan Morrison,

I have read the books — we will now savour a portion each week — and wanted to thank you for your endeavours. Unfortunately I can only speak from from a level of ignorance as to Rav Kook’s actual writings, but your presentation is wonderful and helps raise one to a higher level.

You have enabled me to gain a far greater understanding of the special nature of Rav Kook as well as other matters and for that I also thank you.

It has certainly inspired me to pursue further study of Rav Kook’s thoughts.


Thank YOU! Every week I print a few emails from all the Torah lists I get (you, Chabad, Breslov, Litvish,...) and bring the resulting "Drash package" to the Shabbos table for all the kids to browse. And ever since my family came to Israel, I started putting Rav Kook's drash on the front!

Keep it up, and may Hashem bless you with happiness & success in this endeavor and all others as well!


Thank you so much for making these Torahs available to the public. They are so wonderful, and inspiring. My own Hebrew is really not strong enough to go through Rav Kook's writings without considerable effort; and in the end I am most likely not to get the gist of what he meant to say. But with these emails I still feel connected to his teachings. Thank you so much.

Ephraim (Cleveland)

I have tried every stripe and shade of Orthodox Judaism. From Satmar to Kahane and everything in between, including Breslov and Chabad. I spent a lot of serious time in each of these worlds, learning with the people, and buying and studying any of their books or articles that I could get my hands on ...

After all of my "spinning" in all of these different directions, I finally realize that my soul feels most at rest, healthy and shaleim when I am involved in Rav Kook's writings. And his ideas show me how to maintain a connection with all of the other groups of Jews. Rav Kook enables a person to find some point of connection with all groups of Jews and he teaches us how to integrate and harmonize the points of truth and goodness in each group with one's own unique personality. My heart always feels more open and pure when I am involved with his teachings.

Thank you.

Alan (NY)

Growing up non-observant, I have tried to educate myself late in life. For some reason I have been fascinated with Rav Kook.

I got on your site and read your weekly Parsha. I felt so good after I had read it and felt incredibly renewed in spirit. ... Then I felt this huge connection to him.

I want to thank you for your dedication and work and love so we all can receive this incredible light.


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