Rav Kook Torah

Rav Kook on Bamidbar (Numbers)

Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook in London (1916)

Experience has shown me how correct my path is in practice, just as it is beautiful in theory.

Letters vol. II, p. 15
Bemidbar — בְּמִדְבַּר
The Holiness of Sinai
Flags of Love in the Desert
Jacob's Signs
Naso — נָשֹׂא
Three Priestly Blessings
The Benefits of the Sotah Waters
The Nazir of Jerusalem
The Suspected Adulteress
Divine Favoritism?
The Blessing of a Kohen
Beha'alotecha — בְּהַעֲלֹתְךָ
The Seven Lamps of the Menorah
The Triumph of the Ark
A Tale of Two Prayers
Praying to God
Aaron's Punishment
Great Dreams
The Unique Prophecy of Moses
Shelach — שְׁלַח
Rejecting the Land of Israel
Rectifying the Sin of the Spies
Holiness of Earth and Air
The Lesson of Shiloh
Offering Wine and Grain
The Sin of Zelofchad
Garments of the Soul
The Third Passage of Shema
The Grape Harvest
Korach — קֹרַח
Holiness in the Midst of the Community
The Secret of the Incense
Inclusion and Selection
Who Needs the Priesthood?
Unlimited Blessings
Separation and Connection
The Corruption of a Judge
The Lesson of Ma'aser (Tithes)
Chukat — חֻקַּת
Religious Rage
Total Dedication to Torah
The Book of God's Wars
Beyond Human Logic
Speak to the Rock
The Death of a Tzaddik
Even in the Hour of Death
Balak — בָּלָק
Tents and Dwelling Places
An Eternal People
Sweet Dreams
Eliminating Idolatry
Pinchas — פִּינְחָס
Zealotry for the Sake of Heaven
Genuine Zealotry
Pinchas’ Ancestry
Offerings of Bread, Fire, and Fragrance
The Daily Sheep Offering
The Tamid Offering Performed at Sinai
Atonement of the New Month
Bridging the Natural and the Supernatural
Appointing a Leader for Israel
Matot — מַטּוֹת
No Excuses for Remaining Outside the Land!
Two Paths to Purity
Atonement for the Soldiers
Beauteous Evil
Kashering the Spoils of Midian
Keeping Vows
Massei — מַסְעֵי
Unchecked Violence
The Merit of Building the Land of Israel