Rav Kook Torah

Vayikra — Leviticus

Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook in Switzerland (1914)

There is no such thing as ahavat chinam, groundless love. Why groundless? He is a Jew, and I am obligated to respect him.

There is only sinat chinam – hate without reason.

But ahavat chinam? Never!

Vayikra —

Black Fire on White Fire

Animal Sacrifices in the Third Temple?

Sacrifices vs. Fasting

The Inner Light of Destruction

The Goal of Sacrifices

Maimonides and Korbanot

Rebuilding the Temple

Tzav —

Appreciating Boundaries

The Olah Offering and Prophesy

The Purifying Fire of the Burnt Offering

The Prohibition of Cheilev

The Community's Prayer of Thanks

Shemini —

Purification by Immersion in Water

The Error of Nadav and Avihu

Mourning for Nadav and Avihu

The Priestly Benediction

Tazria/Metzora — -

Purifying Time and Soul

A Return to Ritual Purity

Man versus Mosquito

Shiloh and the Birth-Offerings

The Power of Speech

Rabbi Abba Arrives in Babylonia

Acharei Mot —

The Ox and the Goat

The Goat for Azazel

The Triple Measure of Incense

Kedoshim —

Holiness in Physical Pleasure

Sha'atnez: A Glimpse into the Future

Peah and Lessons in Tzedakah

Love Your Neighbor

First Impressions

Admonish Your Neighbor

A Letter for the Neturei Karta

The Printer's Dilemma

Emor —

Kohanim and the Illusion of Death

Agents of Holiness

Eating Before Yom Kippur

The Omer Controversy

Behar —

Jubilee – National Reconciliation

Freeing Slaves

Shemitah – Window into the Future

The Hetter Mechira for the Sabbatical Year

The Intrinsic Sanctity of Eretz Yisrael

Bechukotai —

Prophetic Letters

Judicial Corruption

Why Exile?

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